Now Offering Sprinkler System Installation!!

Get a brand new sprinkler system installed for a fraction of the cost. This is the newest and most exciting addition to our solutions package.

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Tree Removal

a removal consist of stripping down the branches of the tree and sectioning the trunk into pieces. We then grind down the stump for a complete extraction. Size is not a factor as we are prepared to handle any job and haul away the debris.

Stump Removal

Removal of a stump is quite simple. we offer a complete extraction of the stump in which would consist of removal of the roots as well as the trunk. However we can also grind the stump down for it to decay in the ground.

Tree Trimming

A trimming is the perfect way to keep a tree strong and healthy. However, its extremely important to keep tree branches in problem areas short to prevent falling incidents during storms. cutting a tree down to size can potentially save a car or roof. 

Planting Services

We Specialize in planting strong healthy saplings to impress and produce. Whether it be a tasty fruit tree or a resilient oak w have to expertise and equipment to handle the job. We offer cherry blossoms, magnolias, and mighty red oaks ready to plant.

French Drain Installation

French drains are used to divert run off water from storms and floods to a perfected location. It is essential if the location is low lying and prone to flooding. Keep your garden and property in tip top condition with our professional Drains.

Turf installation

The largest and arguably the most important part of any home is the grass that graces the yard.we can set any grass you chose and we offer sprinkler and irrigation system to keep your grass looking full and lush even in the blistering heat.

Get rid of old trees, and plant new ones.

  • We eradicate trees, freeing up space for new for more lively and aesthetic additions.
  • Our services are convenient for individuals and businesses. We service central Texas and beyond!
  • We have a highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff. 

We Offer discount to Veterans

As a salute to our armed forces we offer a 10% discount on all of our services. We as an employer of veterans we understand the importance of those who sacrificed and we want to do what we can to give back.

our happy clients

Johnathan D, 26
Army Ranger Veteran

"I hired Gomez Tree Solution to plant a magnolia tree for my mother. The were fast, efficient, and gave me the best deal of all the companies i called. They also gave a 10% discount for being a veteran. I would definitely recommend them for planting services."

our offers



  • Full inspection done by our incredibly experienced crew
  • On site estimates and competitive pricing
  • price match in most cases

Tree Removal


999 $

Includes Clean up +

  • Limb dismemberment
  • Stump removal/Grinding
  • Removal of tree depris from property

Tree Planting 


499 $

Price of Tree included +

  • Purchase and transfer of tree to desired location
  • Surveying area to determine best location to plant
  • Protection against mishaps

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